East Meets West Holistic Center

East Meets West Wellness & Health

   Welcome to East Meets West Holistic Center – Guiding Transformation Through Our Integrative Approach to Health & Wellness.

   We are proud to provide acupuncture and Chinese herbs from an experienced team of practitioners of Chinese medicine. We also offer nutritional wellness, massage therapy, homeopathy, and other treatments in a spa-like setting, to help restore health, harmony, and balance to your life.  Our practice is firmly rooted in the belief that good medicine combines the best of Eastern and Western practices, with an emphasis on the wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine. We strive to provide the highest quality of care adapted to the unique needs of our patients, ensuring a true well-being and holistic experience for all.

  In addition to the effective and revitalizing treatments and services housed at East Meets West, we also offer an on-site herbal pharmacy catering to the varied needs of our patients.